Why Covent Garden is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

One can no doubt think of any number of romantic date locales to whisk their one true love away to on Valentine’s Day.  The Eiffel Tower (or really anywhere in Paris) is sure to wow anyone.  The top of the Empire State Building comes in at a close second (thanks to An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle).  But if you’re a London local looking to take that special someone out for a night they’ll never forget, you could do no better than a Valentine’s Day extravaganza courtesy of Covent Garden.  You may not be too keen to shop the crowded central market or visit some of the many historical sites scattered throughout the area, but there are plenty of romantic hotspots to grab your fancy and fan the flames of amour on this special day.  Here are just a few to consider.

1.       Lucy in Disguise.  Songstress Lily Allen and her sister, Sarah Own, recently opened this buzz-worthy vintage clothing shop in the heart of Covent Garden as a way to spread their love of everything retro to others looking for a little styling panache.  Pop in for an autograph and try on some duds from your favorite era.  You may find a fun outfit to wear out to dinner, although some of the best pieces might be for rent only.  No worries; just return them at the end of your date!

2.       Clos Maggiore.  If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, you need go no further than this ritzy little restaurant on King Street.  Dine in the conservatory under a canopy of blossoms with a blazing fire burning nearby (protected from the cold by a glass ceiling) or find a table tucked away in a dimly-lit corner of this atmospheric eatery.  As the website states, food and wine are their passion, with French cuisine styled in the manner of Provence and Tuscany, but even better are the prices (which are quite low considering the amazing ambience, service, and of course, the menu…locals recommend the rabbit).  All this and it has been voted “Most Romantic” by at least three UK publications.

3.       The Piazza.  A tour around this historic square to take in the architecture and ogle street performers is sure to help you walk off dinner and it will give you a chance to talk (with just enough distractions to avoid awkward silences).

4.       Eine kleine nachtmusik.  In other words, a night at the opera.  Mozart penned the frantic masterpiece and the Marx brothers made it silly, but don’t let that stop you from attending one of the many area theatres (most notably the Royal Opera House) to see a show or catch a musical performance (the Royal Orchestra plays frequently).

5.       Candy Cakes.  Stop by the Seven Dials district to ogle the namesakes, and while you’re there, pop into this sweet shop for a nightcap of coffee or tea along with one of their many fine pastries or a now-famous cupcake.  There’s no better way to end the sweetest day of the year than with a sugary treat for you and your significant other (hint: take some home to enjoy the next morning!).

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