How to Get on the Guest List at Your Favorite Clubs in Covent Garden

The club scene can be kind of rough for those who don’t attain celebrity status or come prepared with a ridiculous bankroll.  But unless you want to wait in line all night without ever seeing the front door, much less the interior of the hottest clubs in Covent Garden, you’re going to have to get your name on the guest list.  So whether you’re trying to get into hotspots like Tamarai, Sway, and Bungalow 8, or you’d rather visit a Covent Garden institution like Los Locos, here are a few ways to save yourself a night spent waiting in line and get through the door like a VIP.

1.       Bring lots of women.  It’s no secret that hot chicks are ushered into clubs quickly as a way to entice men into paying more for entry.  So if you show up with a hottie on each arm (read: more women than men in your group), you may be able to get yourself on the guest list and in the club in seconds flat.  Of course, it’s just about as likely that you’ll end up stuck in line while your gal pals head into the club, but it’s definitely worth a try.  If you happen to be female, dress to the nines to improve your chances of immediate entry upon arrival.

2.       Ask the concierge.  If you’re visiting London from afar, you may actually have an easier time getting your name on the guest list at your club of choice thanks to the skills of your hotel concierge.  This is especially true if you opt to stay at a high-end, trendy hotel that caters to young adventurers of the decidedly wealthy sect.  A good concierge will have established relationships with promoters and club-owners in the area and they should be able to secure you unfettered entry to just about any club you wish to visit.

3.       Call the promoter.  You really never know what a well-timed call to a club promoter can do for your odds of entry into a club.  Of course, you first have to ascertain who is doing promotion for the club and then get ahold of them, but most promoters are happy to help people that are willing to go to the trouble to track them down.  Call early to ensure placement on the guest list.

4.       Get to know the bouncers.  If you are likely to come to a particular club quite a bit, make an effort to butter up the bouncers that control the velvet rope.  Be gracious, courteous, and respectful at all times, but do whatever it takes to endear them to you (tipping couldn’t hurt, but don’t be a jerk about throwing your money around).  If they get to know you and like you, it could result in your name as a permanent entry on the guest list.

5.       Pay for bottle service.  If you can afford the payout, call ahead to see if the club offers bottle service.  It could cost you anywhere from a couple hundred bucks up to several thousand (depending on what you order and the club you frequent), but it will get your name on the guest list and set you up with a table and drinks to start off the night (the name is derived from the bottle of alcohol you pre-order).  For a group of guys looking to party it up for the night without waiting in line, this is a great way to quickly get through the door and into the action.

Sarah Danielson writes for The Guestlist Club  where you can find info on the hottest club in London, Chinawhite.

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