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Ena Bodin Goodbye Covent Garden: Ena Bodin On 11 November 1974 Covent Garden Market closed after more than three centuries of trading. This photographic study records the life and atmosphere of the market and portrays the blending of one of London's greatest anachronisms with the sophistication of the city around it.

Jean-Paul Floru Belgian-born artist Jean-Paul Floru (32) lives and works in Covent Garden. He is a self-taught artist who started painting in oil at the age of fourteen. He became a solicitor in the City but switched to being a full-time artist in 1999. He spent two years in New York, where he had a number of successfull exhibitions. The works of Jean-Paul Floru are eyecatching and exciting because of their bright colours. They form an antidote to the pessimism, the greyness and the morbidity which is so prevalent in today's art world.

Concentration Josephine Weir Jo lives in Covent Garden and has been involved with the CGCA since it's inception & is currently Chairman. Jo has a regular stall in the Covent Garden Apple Market where her work is available for sale.

Nigel Dicker Nigel Dicker A series of 130 colour images of the former Covent Garden Market, taken in 1972 and 1973. Nigel Dicker took these photographs when he discovered that the Market was to be relocated to Nine Elms. He felt it was a pity that such a fabulous environment would be condemned to history and wanted his pictures to serve as a reminder of how Covent Garden was then.

Detail from Three oysters for JB Tom Cook has lived and worked in Covent Garden for over 20 years. He is a member of the Covent Garden Area Trust and a former vice chair of the Covent Garden Community Association. He was born in New York City in 1937. In 1986 Tom re-cast his life as an artist and workshop facilitator. In 1999 he curated the 'Garden of Artists' exhibition for the annual Covent Garden Flower Festival. Since 1993 he has been presenting creative expression workshops around the country. He has also worked with the Homeless Artists project at St. Martin-In-The Fields.

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