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When that early morning hunger creeps up on you as you're strolling through Covent Garden on a crisp morning, help is at hand at Muffinski's muffin shop on Kings Street.

Freshly baked every day with their secret, delicious muffin mix, the product is irresistible. The staff at Muffinski's begin their day at 6 am to ensure that the straight-from-the-oven taste is genuine. They offer an 80 odd variety of muffins, 15 of which are savoury. I dove right into the sweet and tried the Chocolate Toffee Pecan. Absolutely heavenly. Moist and filling, it lasted me all afternoon. They also provide the basics like blueberry, poppy seed, and chocolate chip flavours. Potato and sweetcorn seemed one of the more interesting savouries. Also available is a large selection of low-fat varieties, which are a helpful option if you are watching that waistline closely.

Muffinski's also has other munchies available. There is 99% fat free yoghurt, as well as a variety of sandwiches, juices, and pastries.

Asif Sabir, manager of Muffinski's, hopes that you will stop in to "...experience the friendly service, nice atmosphere, and excellent muffins made from their special recipe." I had to agree with him, wholeheartedly!

Muffinski's 5 King Street,
Covent Garden,
London WC2 Tel 020 7379 1525
opening times:
Mon-Fri 8-6
Sat 9-7
Sun 10-6

(article and photos by Carey Gordon)

© Covent Garden Community Association, April 2001



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